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Brian Cavanaugh has a BFA 1984

Columbus College of Art and Design

MFA1988 University of Illinois at Chicago.

Current exhibitions:

Southern Exposure

Pirate Contemporary Art 2016

3655 Navajo St.

Denver CO

Full Circle

Art Car Museum 2014

140 Heights Blvd.

Houston, TX

Solo: Workshop

D.M. Allison/NauHaus Gallery 2013

2709 Colquitt St.

Houston TX


"The objects I construct combine re-purposed objects in unusual, often absurd contexts."

I manipulate objects, deconstructing both the forms and meanings by employing metaphor, allegory, humor and controlled chaos. Drawing from personal experience, combined with cultural references, I create objects and installations based on relevant themes, like Nature vs. Culture, Politic and Art, Human Condition and Popular Culture.

I utilize a wide array of medias, preferring nontraditional and utilitarian detritus collected compulsively. I often reuse or deconstruct past work, scrapping and swapping parts and ideas, playing with scale and context with a childlike sense of fantasy and free association. I seek out the extraordinary in the ordinary, searching for meaning in the mundane.

" My aim is to surprise and surround viewers with an entertaining experience full of thought provoking objects, providing perplexing polarized meanings through open ended juxtapositions, and untiring work ethic."

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